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A guide for new writers on pitching ideas to 1843 magazine 


December 18th 2019

What is 1843?

1843 is a bi-monthly magazine published by The Economist and named for the year The Economist was founded. Around 360,000 print and digital copies are distributed to The Economist’s most loyal subscribers worldwide, and we reach 50m people online through The Economist’s social channels. We also have stand-alone subscriptions and are available on newsstands. 

We cover a number of subjects that The Economist rarely writes about, including fashion, design, food and travel. We also cover subjects that The Economist writes about a lot, such as politics, conflict, tech, business and science. Whereas The Economist often analyses these by looking at implications for decision-makers, 1843 publishes story-driven features that are rich in narrative, character and atmosphere. We care as much about how our stories look as how they read, so we commission original illustrations or photography for every feature.

We are a global magazine, committed to telling extraordinary stories from around the world. We’ve published major features from Iraq, Indonesia, Madagascar and Malta, but we’re equally interested in fresh stories from more familiar countries, such as France, America and Britain. We give equal weight to beautiful writing, meticulous reporting and intellectual robustness. 


Why write for 1843?

Our frequency and lead times means that we spend extensive amounts of time developing a piece through pitching, reporting and writing. We’re eager to support large ambitious stories that take months to research and write and we offer substantial space in the magazine for our features: most run between 3,000 and 6,000 words. 

We offer resources for reporting and our rates, both online and in print, are competitive with the best publications in America and Britain.