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The man with the most Rembrandts

An American billionaire believes that no artists depict our common humanity better than those of the Dutch Golden Age. That’s why he is sending his collection on a world tour


When the ancient Islamic practice of calligraphy and Western graffiti come together, a new art form is born. India Stoughton marvels at the results


The art market’s new volatility is making fortunes and destroying artists. Richard Davies met Stefan Simchowitz, the dealer accused of creating the turmoil and the most hated man in the business

What a carve-up!

After 50 years, “A Humument” is finished. Matthew Sperling dissects a remarkable artwork

Master builder

Somerset House is bringing artists back into the centre of London and reinventing the arts centre for the 21st century. Charlie McCann meets the man with a plan

The first of the new

Robert Rauschenberg, the subject of a major forthcoming retrospective, has long been overshadowed by Andy Warhol. Caroline Roux looks at how his influence on China is leading to a reassessment of his importance

Flower power

Brazil is the only country in the world where, for three generations, the most prized artists have been women. Jane Morris explains why