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The incredible shrinking motor

Improvements in turbocharging have led to smaller engines. As Gavin Green explains, this is good news for the environment and your car’s figure

Inside job

Driverless technology will change how vehicles look. Simon Willis talks to the designers who are rethinking their interiors

Podcast: the end of traffic jams

In the past decade self-driving cars have gone from an engineer’s fantasy to a reliable technology. Once they are widely adopted – which could be by the middle of this century – our overcrowded, congested cities will look very different: carparks will be turned into parks, there will be no more traffic jams, and commuters will be able to live further away. In this podcast, Joel Budd and Matthew Sweet discuss what a driverless future might look like.

Cabin fever

Good interior design keeps people enamoured of their cars, so manufacturers are pulling out all the stops. Matthew Symonds takes the inside track

Charging ahead

Some of the new electric cars are great to drive. Matthew Symonds looks under the bonnet

The high life

A new Range Rover sends Paul Markillie in search of his old one

Let’s go a hundred

That’s mpg, not mph. Paul Markillie tries hypermiling in a Volkswagen to see if it’s possible