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Tom Whipple

Tom Whipple

is science editor of the Times and author of “X and WHY: The rules of attraction – why gender still matters”

How to edit a human

For decades scientists aspired to modify the code of life. Tom Whipple meets Jennifer Doudna, who succeeded

Celestial watches

For most of human history, time was not standardised. The movement of the heavens determined the length of days. Tom Whipple clocks the watches that still let you keep tabs on solar and sidereal hours


Every day, 100 tonnes of celestial dust lands on Earth, bringing with it the secrets of our early solar system. Tom Whipple meets the Norwegian musician who identified the rocks from our stars

One tiny leap

It may seem minuscule, but a row over a missing second could cause chaos in financial markets and deprive Britain of its position at the centre of the world’s time. Tom Whipple investigates

Game over

Computers are not just beating humans; they are solving games entirely