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Charlie McCann

Charlie McCann

is assistant editor of 1843


Looping the hoop

Hoop earrings have been a jewellery-box staple for centuries, adorning the ears of bad girls as much as good. Charlie McCann tries them on for size

When girls won’t be girls

Growing numbers of teenagers, convinced they have been born in the wrong body, are switching gender. But young people change their minds about lots of things. What if one of them is their gender? Charlie McCann investigates

Washington, DC

There may be more reasons than ever to flee the capital of the free world – but thankfully there are places nearby where nature and culture still rule. Charlie McCann steeps herself in their peace

Master builder

Somerset House is bringing artists back into the centre of London and reinventing the arts centre for the 21st century. Charlie McCann meets the man with a plan

Fizzy pop

Coca-Cola is a growing force in music around the world. Charlie McCann drinks it in