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Fiammetta Rocco

Fiammetta Rocco

is culture correspondent for 1843 and The Economist

The power of performance art

Marina Abramovic turned her audience into the performers. One slashed her throat, another held a gun to her head. It showed how performance art could illuminate the darkest corners of the mind

Imagining a new China

Many Chinese parents are frustrated by the country’s rote-based curriculum. As Fiammetta Rocco discovered, the demand for creative education is transforming Beijing’s top contemporary art venue

An act of restoration

Three and a half centuries after his execution, Charles I’s art collection is being reassembled. Fiammetta Rocco pays court

Two shrines one saint

Two new museums – in Paris and Marrakech – pay homage to the artistry of Yves Saint Laurent. Fiammetta Rocco takes the tour

The man with the most Rembrandts

An American billionaire believes that no artists depict our common humanity better than those of the Dutch Golden Age. That’s why he is sending his collection on a world tour