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Simon Willis

Simon Willis

is associate editor at 1843

It’s all in the AIs

As robots enter more parts of our lives, their makers are turning to movie animators to design them. Simon Willis explains why

Do the bright thing

Dazzling colours and starker contrasts are making TV shows more vivid than ever before. Simon Willis sizes up the latest screens

The wall of sound

Acoustics can make the difference between a good building and a bad one. Simon Willis meets the designers finding new ways to control the cacophony

A space oddity

Trevor Paglen, who makes art about surveillance, is sending a sculpture into orbit and making images with artificial intelligence. Simon Willis visits him in Berlin to find out why

Demolition man

Ole Scheeren is one of the world’s most successful young architects. As Simon Willis explains, he has built himself up by deconstructing the high-rise

An oasis of art

The Louvre Abu Dhabi has been ten years in the making. As Simon Willis discovered when he visited, it is a museum of globalisation