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Spare ribaldry

Hollywood comedy has traditionally been dominated by men. Now, says Nicholas Barber, women are staging a takeover

Disney dares to dream

In “Zootopia” (or “Zootropolis”), a
cute rabbit delivers a timely – and surprisingly political – message
about multi-culturalism

The chosen one

A supernatural thriller set in blue-collar America, “Midnight Special” proves its director Jeff Nichols is a minimalist master working in a maximalist genre

This High-Rise falls short

A slick adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s dystopian novel, “High-Rise” could have been a warning. But Ben Wheatley’s film feels more like a relic

America’s sick soul

Bored with the pleasures of Hollywood, Christian Bale’s sleepwalking prince is led astray in Terrence Mallick’s answer to “La Dolce Vita”