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The last of the great explorers

The ocean floor is the Earth’s last great uncharted region. Oliver Franklin-Wallis joins the man descending to the bottom of the deepest trenches on the planet

Caught in time

Tack away from the coast and Baja California is like the Mexico of old. Sara Wheeler crosses the border to hang out with gauchos

The lunatic express

When he took the Nairobi-Mombasa train, Daniel Knowles saw a side of Kenya that is disappearing – which, in some ways, is just as well

Off the edge of the world

Daniel Defoe’s novel about a ship-wrecked sailor has fascinated readers for centuries. Simon Willis got a taste of Robinson Crusoe’s life when he visited its island inspiration

Like the wind

There is a village on the Turkish coast designed for keyif – pleasure. Jason Goodwin samples the good life in Alacati

Checking in to the Hotel Antarctica

The most forbidding corner of the world is now taking guests. In this podcast, our travel editor Sophy Roberts talks about what it was like to spend a week in Antarctica as a tourist, and explains why the continent is as much an idea as it is a place on the map

Approaching Antarctica

It’s not an obvious place to go on holiday, but this frozen desert is fast becoming the destination of choice for an increasing number of tourists. Here, Ken Kochey captures what it’s like to live in a polar landscape

The bad end of beyond

America’s National Parks system was created a hundred years ago. Simon Barnes understood their value when he met a buffalo at Badlands in South Dakota

In Welsh Patagonia

In this podcast, the Welsh-at-heart Jasper Rees joins Matthew Sweet to talk about keeping a language and culture alive, 7,000 miles from home