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Never gonna give you up

As Sophie Ratcliffe faced the death of her father, syncopated pop and clockwork smiles became the soundtrack of her teenage years

Still making sense

David Byrne has released his first solo album in 14 years. Charlie McCann gets face to face with the former star of Talking Heads

Feel the noise

Tech companies used to focus on packing more tunes in less space. Now, as Jennifer Brown discovers, they are working out how to re-create the immediacy of live performance in your own home

Paradise in Perm

At the edge of Siberia, a brilliant young conductor is reinventing classical performance. Noah Sneider went to meet the maestro

Trump country

Chris Janson’s twist on country music expresses the anger and frustration of poor white America. A.D. Miller went to hear the man whose hit song “Boat” predicted Donald Trump’s victory

Jacks in the box

Apps that produce highly sophisticated music are readily available. But as Steven Poole reports, that hasn’t prevented a revival in cheap and handy synthesisers