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Food + Drink

Dominique Ansel

The French inventor of the cronut and patissier célèbre is known for his intricate pastry creations. Now based in America, he has never lost his love for simple food from his homeland

Virgilio Martínez

His restaurant in Lima, Central, is known for its exquisitely beautiful, ultra-modern dishes. But away from his kitchen, Latin America’s most celebrated chef likes to eat simple food with friends and family

Crate expectations

The wine list of a restaurant in Tampa stretches across 180 pages and includes rare and unique vintages. Patrick Edward Cole raises his glass to Bern’s Steak House

The mane course

The idea of eating our equine companions sounds repellent. But, as Tom Rachman discovers in Parma, horsemeat is nutritious, delicious and increasingly to be found on the menu


It represents the Middle East conflict in a bowl. Andrea Valentino explains