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Food + Drink

The mane course

The idea of eating our equine companions sounds repellent. But, as Tom Rachman discovers in Parma, horsemeat is nutritious, delicious and increasingly to be found on the menu


It represents the Middle East conflict in a bowl. Andrea Valentino explains

Daniel Humm

The Swiss-born chef behind Eleven Madison Park, voted the world’s Best Restaurant in 2017, dreams of eating breakfast in his adopted home of New York, before flying to Europe to feast on simple food, perfectly cooked


Over the centuries, foreign occupiers and refugees have left their mark on its culinary landscape

From tiny acorns

Jamón ibérico is an expensive delicacy that comes from black Iberian pigs which have feasted on acorns. Recently, cheaper versions have started appearing on supermarket shelves. Paul Richardson investigates whether you can truly taste the difference


The Basque city’s food scene is finally a match for the style and substance of the Guggenheim