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Food + Drink

Marcus Samuelsson

The chef who cooked short ribs for Barack Obama has brought his famous fried chicken to London. Here he indulges his eclectic palate in a fantasy day of eating

Nice ice baby!

Gelato is not just another name for ice cream: the real stuff is lower in fat and tastes and behaves rather differently


It’s easy to fiddle around with the recipe of this Spanish “salad soup”, but what really matters is the quality of the raw ingredients

Yannick Alléno

The only chef to run two three-star Michelin restaurants in France moonlights as the publisher of an influential food magazine, YAM. Here, he shoots around the world to revisit his favourite haunts

Many like it hot

The global success of Nando’s is built on the flavour imparted by a small red chilli. Josie Delap explains how the world fell in love with peri-peri

The fifth taste

We can all recognise sweet, salty, sour and bitter food – but, until recently, the concept of umami was hard to digest. Sybil Kapoor explains