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Celebrating Motown at 50

The record company that defined black music in the 1960s and 1970s is celebrating its golden jubilee. Here are eight classics. You will need Spotify installed on your device to listen to this playlist

How to cheat at everything

Over lunch with Simon Lovell, a fascinating former card shark, Allison Schrager learns all sorts of things about how swindlers operate

Hillary carlip's "a la cart"

"Shopping lists are the new memoir", says Hillary Carlip, a performance artist. They offer a glimpse of the needs and desires of strangers. "Everyone wants to know what everyone else is eating, drinking, wearing," she explains to Deborah Stoll. This is how she came to write "A la Cart" ...

Breakfast with scott burns

Scott Burns's characters are often deplorable and sympathetic, idealistic and pragmatic. And they love their families. The filmmaker and producer talks to Deborah Stoll over a plate of eggs ... 




Tennis’s surprising evolution

The traditional serve-and-volley game has gone as better training, new playing styles and fresh faces have brought a welcome unpredictability back to tennis