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Murder in Malta

Daphne Caruana Galizia was Malta’s most dogged and controversial journalist. Last year she was murdered. Alexander Clapp travelled to the island to find out why

How to edit a human

For decades scientists aspired to modify the code of life. Tom Whipple meets Jennifer Doudna, who succeeded

The Medicis in the desert

Ahmed Mater and Ashraf Fayadh were best friends. One is now Saudi Arabia’s most illustrious artist and cultural commissar. The other languishes in a dark prison. Nicolas Pelham charts their rise and fall

Code to joy

Is learning to code in middle age a fool’s errand or a committed act of digital citizenship?

Turning the tide

After a period of decline, the fisheries of South Korea are reeling in new trainees. Stephanie Studer meets the free-diving women of Jeju hunting for marine delicacies

Illustration of a group of nomadic workers for the Roaming Empire By Adam Simpson

The roaming empire

As buying a house becomes harder and remote working simpler, should we remain wedded to the idea of settling down? Jonathan Beckman meets the people who hope to find a home wherever they wander