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Berlin revisited

In 1989 Brian Harris photographed the fall of the Berlin wall. Twenty years on, he returned to capture today’s Berlin

The man who would be useful

It's time to get away from our encrusted prejudices about Prince Charles, time to consider what sort of king he is shaping up to be. J.M. Ledgard takes a fresh look

The big chill

The Russian winter tends to be romanticised, but it doesn’t feel much like a Christmas card when you’re actually there

Couples and money

As belts tighten, tempers flare, and money’s too tight not to mention, Joanna Moorhead asks couples and counsellors what money says about relationships

Closing time

Before there were chainstores and malls, Britain was famous for its single shops. Now they are dying out

Theatre of dreams

Thierry Bouet spent three years photographing people with a thing about their beds. He tells Odette Audebeau about the message Homo horizontalis has for the world