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Rocking the Kremlin

Russia’s biggest rock star paved the way for Putinism, but has now become an obstacle to the regime. Arkady Ostrovsky joins the band

The flaw of averages

A high-school dropout turned Harvard professor is inspiring Silicon Valley’s efforts to overhaul America’s schools. John McDermott studies his ideas


Every day, 100 tonnes of celestial dust lands on Earth, bringing with it the secrets of our early solar system. Tom Whipple meets the Norwegian musician who identified the rocks from our stars

Teaching robots right from wrong

Artificial intelligence is outperforming the human sort in a growing range of fields – but how do we make sure it behaves morally? Simon Parkin meets the researchers trying to teach ethics to computers

The battle for Laikipia

Nomadic herders have violently seized land from ranchers in central Kenya. Daniel Knowles investigates the roots of the conflict

The man trap

Traditional ideas of masculinity persist in the workplace, even though men are now expected to do more of the household chores – and work longer hours. Emily Bobrow investigates the trials of modern manhood

The body in the Buddha

Is the mummified monk who disappeared from a Chinese village 22 years ago the body in the Buddha that turned up unexpectedly in Amsterdam? John Hooper and Ted Plafker investigate